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Florence and Tuscany  
Florence Apartment Rental
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Florence and Tuscany
Florence Apartment Rental
Tuscany is rich in historical monuments. Etruscan walls encircle many of the region`s hilltop towns and the streets within are lined with medieval and Renaissance palazzi, town halls testifying to the ideals of democracy and self-government, and churches built on the ruins of ancient pagan temples. The countryside, too, is dotted with castles and fortified villages, symbols of the violence and intercommunal strife that tore Tuscany apart for so many years during the medieval period. Typical of these is the hilltop town of San Gimignano, with its defensive towers. Some of the most imposing castles, such as the Fortezza Medicea in Arezzo bear the name of the Medici family. Their coat of arms, found all over Tuscany, is a reminder of the role they played in the region`s history. They presided over the simultaneous birth of Humanism and the Renaissance and, later, when they were Grand Dukes of Tuscany, patronized eminent scientists and engineers such as Galileo. Tuscany has also played a part in wider events: Napoleon was exiled to Elba, and Florence served briefly as capital of the newly united Italy (1865-71). Much damage was done to Tuscany`s art and monuments by World War II bombing and the floods of 1966. However, major restoration projects undertaken as a result have stimulated research into up-to-date scientific methods. In this way, Tuscany`s artistic heritage continues to inspire contemporary life - something it has always done for the many creative people who live and work here and for its endless trail of admiring visitors.